Building delivery systems & custom skids for any environment

Custom Skids

Building delivery systems & custom skids for any environment

ECT is the leading supplier of wash skids to the Power generation, Petrochemical, Offshore pipeline and Aviation markets. We design and manufacture each delivery/pump skid to your exacting engine requirements and unique site specifications. We make them reliable and tough with only the best subcomponents. We make manual skids along with fully functional automated skids for exacting requirements. Components common to all of our skids and tank based systems include:

  • Reservoir tanks and fittings
  • Filtration and instrumentation
  • Pumps and motors
  • Fluid distribution valves
  • Control panel enclosure

All wetted parts are manufactured with 300 series steel or to meet each client’s needs. ECT has standard pump skid products as well as full capability to design custom assemblies to fit every application and gas turbine cleaning process. Our pump skids can be designed to include:

  • Mix tanks or in-line mixing
  • Mix on demand systems
  • Fluid heating systems
  • Multi-engine injection

Portable Wash Skid

The industry’s state of the art wash skid offering both online and offline capability that is fully portable. Touch screen controls, heat capacity in dual tanks, adjustable mix ratios and providing chemical containment in the event of spills.

CombiSkid Package

Shown here with online cleaning and power augmentation. Any of ECT’s cleaning and liquid injection technologies can be packaged on a single skid platform for ease of installation, smaller installed footprint and cost reduction.

M-Series Skid

Provides a cost effective package with materials that do not require maintenance. Can be used for online or offline use, standard flowrates of 10, 20 and 40 gpm are typical, multiple flow rates can also be achieved.

NOx Skid

For aftermarket modifications. This skid offers a cost effective alternative to ensure plant’s emissions meet the local discharge requirements. ECT also provides hot section modifications to accommodate the water injection required.

Eductor Based Package

ECT’s Eductor Based Package allows for ease of mixing at preset concentrations and flow rates. The eductor package can be incorporated onto a variety of skid configurations.


ECT is the technology leader in the design and manufacture of wash wands for the Aviation market. We design and manufacture each wand to meet the appropriate jet engine wash requirements for either motoring or power recovery modes.

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