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Delivering world class products and services to the industrial turbine and aviation markets.


R-MC jet engine cleaner is the only formula tested, approved, and recommended by the major jet engine manufacturers. R-MC’s patented formula was engineered to meet the stringent needs of the commercial aviation community including both the engine and airframe specifications.

Industrial Gas Turbines

The compressor cleaning equipment is designed to remove deposits from the compressor. A contaminated or dirty compressor will be most evident in the form of reduced maximum output power or increased exhaust gas temperature, and increase fuel consumption at a given output power and ambient temperature. In severe cases, deposits may cause compressor stall during acceleration or application of load.

Diesel Engines

Sludge build up in turbochargers and superchargers decrease engine performance and shortens its useful life. Deposit buildup in scavenge spaces can cause engine fires. Carbon build up on valves and pistons can cause fires, jamming and breakage. A dirty diesel engine can shut your operation down and cost you money.

Centrifugal Flow Compressors

Centrifugal compressors in production service often experience a build up of gas stream contaminants – both organic and inorganic. The presence of foulants constrains and disturbs the gas flow, reducing compression and elevating operating temperatures. Higher temperatures further promote fouling through polymerization of plated contaminants. The result is lower compressor performance and a reduction in overall plant performance.

A few of the many Fortune 500 corporations the trust their products to ECT’s products.

Delivering world class products and services to the industrial turbine and aviation markets.

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