Aviation Cleaning Products

KE4095 Degreaser


Safely, effectively and thoroughly cuts through grease, oil, dirt, pigments, rust and scale.

KE-4095 is composed of biodegradable anti-corrosion and low foaming agents, water-based detergents, and low-toxicity compounds. The result is a safe, heavy-duty degreaser ideal for cleaning precision machinery and engine parts, metal surfaces, aircraft, vehicles, and other industrial equipment. KE-4095 is safe for painted surfaces, aluminum, carbon fiber, and other composite materials. So safe and effective is KE-4095 that the military has used the degreaser to clean armaments. And, KE-4095 has also been used by gas turbine OEMs and over-haulers as a shop degreaser.

Typical Applications

• Machines and engines
• Aircraft, aerospace and industrial vehicles
• Washing and degreasing of parts, tools and other components
• Factory floors
• Any industrial cleaning requiring…
o Low-foaming
o Low-corrosion
o No residue
o Easy disposal
• Pressure washing of heavily or lightly soiled…
o Aircraft
o Vehicles
o Structures
• Light cleaning of…
o Windows
o Mirrors
o Chrome
o Plexiglas
• Preparation of metal surfaces prior to electroplating