T-70 Diesel Engine Cleaner


T-70 and TC-50 engine and turbo cleaners

Formulated to meet your most stringent diesel engine needs

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T-70 and TC-50 engine and turbo cleaners

ECT’s Engine Cleaning products for diesels combine our water based T-70 and TC-50 cleaners, non-flammable, cleaning formulation, with an engineered injection system designed expressly for maintaining diesel engines and turbochargers at their peak efficiency.

The ECT System typically comprise either a one gallon pressure tank or a container and small electric pump, hosing and a single injection nozzle. The nozzle, located on the air intake manifold, is easily installed by one person in less than an hour. The cleaning formulation is supplied pre-mixed and ready-to-use and is injected without cutting back power or shutting down the engine.

Our Diesel Engine Cleaners are an aqueous, amine based formulation sprayed into the engine as a fine mist (approximately 500 micron SMD). The droplets migrate with the airflow and are deposited as a surface active layer on contaminated components. The wet liquid combines chemically with the surface contaminants which undergo a molecular change. The chemical action is accelerated by the thermal environment and the contaminants are gradually reduced to a fine white fly ash that is ejected with exhaust gases. The unique, amine-based formulation can remain in a wet state at temperatures approaching 350°F. For that reason, T-70 has a residence time vastly exceeding solvent-based products.