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R-MC – ECT’s patented gas path cleaner inhibits and reverses contaminant buildup. It can be injected without shutting down the engine and regular use removes layered deposits and discharges them as a fine white ash along with the exhaust gases. R-MC is a unique combination of cationic, surface active agents in a water based carrier which has no harmful effect on fuels, lubricants or engine components.

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  • HFC Floor Cleaner


    Water-based low foaming floor cleaner concentrate.

    Delivers an effective, safe and economical solution for maintaining your flooring surfaces.

    Formulated to provide a broad range of dilution options targeted specifically for various soil types and soil loadings.


  • KE4095 Degreaser


    Safely, effectively and thoroughly cuts through grease, oil, dirt, pigments, rust and scale.

  • R-MC Aviation Compressor Wash


    For 40 years, the industry standard.

    R-MC Compressor Wash is OEM approved and conforms to MIL-85704.

    Biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable.