ECT is the technology leader in the design and manufacture of wash wands for the Aviation market. We design and manufacture each wand to meet the appropriate jet engine wash requirements for either motoring or power recovery modes. All of ECT’s jet engine wash wands are designed to achieve maximum cleaning effectiveness with ease of use in the field. They are compatible for use with R-MC engine cleaner along with a wide variety of compressor wash products.

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  • Aviation Compressor Wash Cart


    The ECT Compressor Wash Cart comes preassembled with two (2) 5 gallon tanks, one for chemical and one for rinse.

    As an option, the CWC is available with or without a compressed air tank.  It is ideal for washing PT-6’s, RR250 engines and more.
  • PT-6 Turbine Compressor Wand


    ECT’s compressor wash ring is engineered to fit onto your PT-6 cowling assembly and deliver the same flows as recommended by P&W.

  • PT-6 Turbine Wheel Wand


    ECT’s turbine wheel wand is designed in accordance with the P&W flows and fits into your engines existing borescope plug.